Effing Soap

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Ah, a hilarious, hygienic hark back to the glorious art of pranking.

Effing Soap is a wonderful way to have a laugh at your friends expense, make nan choke on her sherry, or simply assess the cleanliness of your nearest ‘n dearest.

Deceivingly innocent in appearance, this white vanilla soap is cocooned within charmingly twee cream packaging, the bar itself engraved delicately with the motto ‘Live Laugh Love’. Enjoyably, after roughly a fortnight of use a juicy big F*CK reveals itself. Suspense not your poison? The Floaty F*CK bar may be more to your taste. A clear bar boasting a glaringly obvious cheeky red F*CK.

So, if after a few weeks nan hasn’t left you an angry voicemail instructing you to wash your mouth out – it’s likely hers that needs a ruddy good scrubbing..

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