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Human Face Stress Balls
via (Amazon)

Human face stress balls are a safe and legal alternative to aggravated assault and, long-term, will reduce stress more efficiently.

Trojan Condoms Button
via (Amazon)

Avoid late night trips to the gas station with Amazon’s new Trojan Condoms Dash Button. Safe sex is just a click away.

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Self-Watering Animal Planter
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For people who want plants, but don’t want to take care of plants. Just attach to a glass of water and they will take care of themselves, it doesn’t matter how forgetful and terrible you are!

Impaled Zombie Pen Holder
via (Amazon)

Cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted to play up the gory flesh-eating, hues that wreck havoc with the undead

Emoji Poop Pillow
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This emoji poop pillow is too stinkin’ cute.

Snail Measuring Tape
via (Amazon)

They might not be fast, but they are accurate in both centimeters and inches.

Kitty Sticky Notes
via (Amazon)

Cute sticky notes/flags. Available as kitty cat pack, puppy dog pack, and bear pack.

Human Organ Lunchbox
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This insulated tote will keep your precious ham sandwich chilled, prepped, and ready to transplant right into your waiting stomach!

The Lap Mug
via (Amazon)

A mug designed around your body rather than the table.

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iPhone Shoes
via (Amazon)

It is not only a Data Cable Dust Plug, but also a very cute creative iPhone stand.

Snowman Salt Shaker
via (Amazon)

Fred & Friends Salty the snowman is a salt shaker in the shape of a snow man. Infinitely cute. Great feel to the hand with its bulbous shape. The salt comes from the eyes and the salt is replenished through Salty’s carrot shaped nose.

Inflatable Pillow Tie
via (ebay)

Sometimes we all need a little refreshing nap, especially after a Friday pub lunch or during a very boring meeting! But how do you get comfy at your desk without arousing suspicion?

Mason Jar Shot Glasses
via (Amazon)

Moonshine isn’t exactly the sipping man’s tipple. Quite the opposite in fact, and we can’t think of any better vessel to knock back the ol’ Hillbilly fire-water (or delicious shop-bought liquor) than this marvelous set of Mason Jar Shot Glasses.

Giant Cat Face Tote
via (ebay)

Can you think of a reason not to own this Giant Cat Face Tote? I didn’t think so. Each tote is double sided, showing the cat’s face on the front and the back of his head on the back. 3D ears stick out on the front.

Gun Key Blank
via (Amazon)

Sold as a blank, Schlage Lock Company’s 45 caliber pistol key cuts to fully loaded and ready to fire up the car or blast open the front door.

Beard Drink Cozie
via (Etsy)

Give your beer a manly look to it while keeping it insulated with these beard drink cozie.