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Thug Kitchen Cookbook
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This foul-mouthed read cuts right to the chase by showing you how to cook healthy and simple plates from scratch without wasting time.

Missing Body Parts Candy
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Stock up on missing body parts candy for your The Walking Dead season premier party in a few months!

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There’s only one thing I hate more than lying: skim milk. Which is water that’s lying about being milk.Ron Swanson
Edible Eyes
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Anthropomorphize your favorite snacks with these stick on Edible Eyes! Everything is tastier with a face 🙂

Surge Energy Drink
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Back in 1996 the Coca-Cola company delivered unto the extreme masses a slice of citrus-flavored Norwegian heaven, only to rip the cans cruelly from our lips six years later. It’s ReSurgence Day.

World’s Okayest Dad Mug
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Have a dad that is good but not great? This is the mug for him. Just in time to be late for Father’s Day! Not everyone can be the World’s Greatest Dad, and that is okay!

The Mac + Cheese Cookbook
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Containing 50 different, simple, and delicious recipes for one of America’s favorite foods, the Mac and Cheese. The Mac + Cheese Cookbook is every Mac and Cheese lovers must have book.

Strawberry Kit Kat Bar
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Take a break from your busy day and spend a little time getting to know the deliciously unusual strawberry Kit Kat bar. This delectable candy treats your taste buds to the classic taste you’ve grown to love then hits them with a blast of strawberry – simply heavenly.

Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce
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Professor Phardtpounders colon cleaner hot sauce – elixir of capsaicin extremus is an excellent creation of a Caribbean mustard hot sauce.

Sugar Cube Skulls

Perfect for themed parties or special occasions, these haunting, hand-moulded sugary skulls are a great way to indulge your spooky sweet-tooth.

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Green Tea KitKat

Experience how the Japanese like to take a break with their version of the Kit Kat bar! Your mouth will be watering when someone breaks you off a piece of this green tea (or maccha) flavored snack!

Candy Cane Spoons

Few things are more festive than a peppermint candy cane sticking out of your hot chocolate.

Candy Cane Shot Glasses

If you’re looking to make your drinking habits a bit more festive, these Christmas Candy Cane Shot Glasses will get you there.

Hershey’s Syrup Candle

Have a sweet tooth? Light this Hershey Syrup Candle & fill the room with a chocolate aroma.

Beer Saver Reusable Bottle Caps

Silicone rubber bottle caps designed to keep beer fresh. Dishwasher safe and fully reusable

Kama Sutra Cookie Cutters

Let your children learn how babies are made with a fresh batch of cookies this Christmas. What could go wrong?

Zombie Brain Chocolates

Braaaaiiiiiinns!!! White chocolate encases a cherry cobbler filling…keep them around as bait for a stray walker or as a decoy for a herd…or take a walk on the undead side and try them yourself!