Punderdome Card Game
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If you play it in costume, you could call it Mad Masks: Beyond Punderdome!

Human Face Stress Balls
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Human face stress balls are a safe and legal alternative to aggravated assault and, long-term, will reduce stress more efficiently.

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Crying: acceptable at funerals and the Grand Canyon.Ron Swanson
The Lovecraft Alphabet Book
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The perfect blend of creepy and cuddly. Teaches the alphabet using creatures from the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft.

Trojan Condoms Button
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Avoid late night trips to the gas station with Amazon’s new Trojan Condoms Dash Button. Safe sex is just a click away.

Donald Trump Toilet Paper
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Dump with Trump and wipe the smirk off his face!

Pet Rock w/ Bonus Leash
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No feeding,no whining,no bathing,no stains ,no odors ,no stains ,no vet bills no problem.

Self-Watering Animal Planter
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For people who want plants, but don’t want to take care of plants. Just attach to a glass of water and they will take care of themselves, it doesn’t matter how forgetful and terrible you are!

Centaur Hand Puppet
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Let the imagination frolic free and wild with this Majestic Handitaur Hand Puppet.

Alien Next Door Book
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See a new, caring side to the legendary science fiction monster as he tends to Jonesy the cat.

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Friends: one to three is sufficient.Ron Swanson
Impaled Zombie Pen Holder
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Cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted to play up the gory flesh-eating, hues that wreck havoc with the undead

Thug Kitchen Cookbook
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This foul-mouthed read cuts right to the chase by showing you how to cook healthy and simple plates from scratch without wasting time.

Missing Body Parts Candy
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Stock up on missing body parts candy for your The Walking Dead season premier party in a few months!

Emoji Poop Pillow
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This emoji poop pillow is too stinkin’ cute.

Don’t Fuck Up The Table Coasters
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“Respect the wood” – Instructions unclear… I fucked up the table.

Snail Measuring Tape
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They might not be fast, but they are accurate in both centimeters and inches.

Kitty Sticky Notes
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Cute sticky notes/flags. Available as kitty cat pack, puppy dog pack, and bear pack.