Perfect for themed parties or special occasions, these haunting, hand-moulded sugary skulls are a great way to indulge your spooky sweet-tooth.


How about going back to basics and using elegant sand timers instead of modern digital stop watches? Just turn it upside down, when sand drains completely to bottom – then time is up.

Cat Stockings

False thigh high tights with a cat face pattern on the front, cat tail pattern on the back! These clever feline friendly stockings are perfect for the cat lover in us all! What luck will they bring you?

Octopus Creature Mug

Meet the Octopus. Creeping along the bottom of your cup, the Octopus is up to noooo good. He’ll be a little startled if you catch him, and who knows what he’s doing if you don’t.


Experience how the Japanese like to take a break with their version of the Kit Kat bar! Your mouth will be watering when someone breaks you off a piece of this green tea (or maccha) flavored snack!

Glass Milk Carton

Got cream? Half Pint is an artfully blown and molded glass creamer that captures the comforting familiarity of a mini milk carton. Simple, elegant, whimsical- it’s a gem de la creme.


The words BUTT and FACE are clearly molded into the sides of the soap to avoid the fear of washing your face with the side of the soap that was just minutes ago scrubbing your hair butt.